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Over 1 billion people, including 500 million children, in the poorest regions of the world, are affected by neglected diseases that debilitate, disfigure or kill.

DNDi’s research and development approach is driven by the real day-to-day needs of patients and healthcare providers.

By connecting public and private partners, DNDi synergizes expertise and capitalizes upon the best science. 

DNDi also works to strengthen the health R&D field in the countries where the diseases occur in order to reinforce capacities for sustainable change.

Major progress has been made with six new treatments made available since the creation of DNDi, in 2003. However, major breakthroughs are still needed to treat neglected patients: Entirely new, affordable, and adapted drugs will change the lives of millions of people.


NTD Drug Discovery Booster

The NTD Drug Discovery Booster aims to speed up and cut the cost of finding new treatments for Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease. The project brings together DNDi, Eisai, Shionogi, Takeda Pharmaceutical, and AstraZeneca. More

Close-up on Paediatric HIV

About 190’000 children are living with HIV in Kenya. See how this mother of an HIV-positive child struggles with the current recommended drugs, such as syrups that require refrigeration and taste awful. More

Chagas Disease in Colombia: An opportunity to lead the way towards change

Read the viewpoint by Rafael Vilasanjuan from ISGlobal and Eric Stobbaerts from DNDi Latin America. More

DNDi Brochure

To learn more about DNDi's activities and patients download our short Presentation Brochure! More

Sore to the Skin: Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Cutaneous leishmaniasis may not be fatal, but it has a devastating impact on people’s lives. DNDi travelled to Colombia to document the impact of this disfiguring disease. More



May 20, 2015
Advances & Challenges in the Fight Against Malaria: A 2000-2015 Retrospective
Geneva, Switzerland
DNDi and MMV co-organized this event. A formal handover of DNDi's malaria projects to MMV took place.

May 20-21, 2015
ISNTD d3 2015
London, United Kingdom
DNDi will be presenting on drug discovery for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

May 31 - June 1, 2015
OpenClinica Global Conference 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
DNDi will be presenting on achieving efficiency in clinical data management.

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DNDi Model Paper
DNDi has issued a report that explores the lessons learned from a decade of R&D of new treatments for neglected diseases via a cost-effective, innovative, not-for-profit drug development model. Read more


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