Dundee Drug Discovery Unit: Celebrating 10 years

May 18-20, 2016
Dundee, Scotland

The Dundee Drug Discover Unit hosted a scientific conference over 3 days to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Speakers discussed the future of drug discovery, academic and diseases of the developing world drug discovery, and new collaborative models.

Graeme Bilbe, R&D Director, spoke at the event.


Scientific Conference

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Tim Wells, Medicines for Malaria Venture
  • Chas Bountra, Oxford University
  • Dr Nick Cammack, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Trust
  • Graeme Bilbe, DNDi
  • Chris Cooper, TB Alliance
  • Ken Duncan, Gates Foundation
  • Thierry Diagana, Novartis
  • Kelly Chibale, University of Cape Town
  • Martin Drysdale, Beatson Institute
  • Johann de Bono, Institute of Cancer Research
  • Sharon Peacock, Bloomsbury


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