DNDi’s mission is to improve the health of people suffering from neglected diseases by developing new drugs or new formulations for these patients. Acting in the public interest, DNDi aims to bridge existing R&D gaps by initiating and coordinating drug R&D projects in collaboration with the international research community, the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry and other relevant partners.

DNDi has always been committed to the highest possible standards of openness, transparency, honesty and accountability, and is determined to maintain a culture of transparency and an opposition to fraud and corruption.

The “Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy” outlines the principles to which DNDi is committed in relation to preventing, reporting and managing Fraud, Bribery and Corruption. This policy reinforces our core values, by setting out the ways in which employees or members of the public can voice their concerns about suspected fraud or corruption.


 DNDi’s Fraud & Corruption Policy