DNDi is a not for profit drug development organization created to improve the health and quality of life of people suffering from neglected diseases. These diseases fall outside the existing systems and market mechanisms for research and development of drugs.

The objectives of DNDi are to develop safe, effective and affordable new treatments for patients suffering from neglected diseases, to raise awareness through advocacy on research and development of drugs for neglected populations, to strengthen existing research capabilities in countries where neglected diseases are endemic.

DNDi aims to stimulate increased involvement and responsibility of national governments and international organizations in R&D for neglected diseases. Accordingly, at maturity, a minimum of 50 percent of the DNDi budget will be covered by public funds.


To develop its activities and achieve its objectives, DNDi seeks diversified sources of funding – cash contributions, in-kind contributions, grants, sponsorships, and legacies – from individuals, governments, public institutions, companies, foundations, NGOs, and alternative mechanisms that share a commitment to DNDi’s vision and mission.

1.) DNDi’s independence is a cornerstone of its development: diversified funding sources are necessary to avoid dependence on any specific donor. Every effort will therefore be made to ensure that no one donor contributes over 25% of all donations, and that earmarked donations are minimized as much as possible. The Board of Directors defines funding parameters that serve to guarantee independence;

2.) To allow for the greatest flexibility in decision making needed for the R&D portfolio management strategy, and to allow greater independence in its operations, DNDi’s priority is to raise unrestricted core funding versus project-specific or earmarked funding. In cases where this is not possible, DNDi will pursue this type of funding without requirements that interfere with the objectives of the project;

3.) The contributions will support the initiative, specific projects for research and development, and all activities pursued to achieve DNDi’s mission;

4.) DNDi will transparently provide activity and financial information on the use of donor contributions. An annual financial audit is conducted on DNDi accounts and is made available to the public;

5.) DNDi reserves the right to pursue its mission and R&D projects based upon patient needs and scientific merit;

6.) According to the goals of DNDi to ensure the quality of life of neglected populations and the DNDi’s humanitarian values, DNDi does not accept contributions from:

  • Corporations (which includes companies and corporate foundations) that derive their income from the production and/or sales of tobacco, alcohol, or firearms
  • Groups and individuals who encourage racism or intolerance

7.) DNDi provides appropriate recognition of donor support, except when the donor prefers to remain anonymous;

8.) Before accepting anonymous contributions, the Board of Directors seeks advice from lawyers or national authorities;

9.) The Board of Directors may refuse contributions that could negatively affect the image or the social mission of DNDi;

10.) The terms of use of DNDi’s logo and brand by the donor and the use of the donor’s logo and brand by DNDi are agreed by mutual consent at the time of the contract.

Board of Directors – 26 January 2006