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DNDi Africa
Established in 2003, the DNDi Africa office provides support to R&D projects in the region, including the LEAP Platform. Additionally, the office works to build awareness about neglected diseases and realities in the field through regional advocacy and communications activities.

DNDi in the DRC
Since 2005, the DNDi office in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has provided essential logistical and financial support for the nifurtimox-eflornithine clinical trial (NECT), the fexinidazole trials, and the HAT Platform.

DNDi India
Opened in 2004, the DNDi India office supports the implementation of the various R&D projects. The main focus is on visceral leishmaniasis along with activities in hepatitis C, filariasis, and paediatric HIV. The office also works closely on raising awareness and advocating for increased public responsibility and a more enabling environment for neglected disease R&D.

DNDi in Japan
Since 2004, the DNDi office in Japan has provided support in developing discovery projects, in better positioning DNDi within the country, as well as in fundraising activities. Based in Tokyo, DNDi Japan is strengthening its presence in the country by expanding its relationships with academia, pharmaceutical companies, government, and media.

DNDi North America
Established in 2007, the affiliate of DNDi in North America supports the advocacy, fundraising, and R&D efforts of DNDi in the region. Based in New York City, USA, this affiliate operates under the direction of the DNDi North America Board of Directors and collaborates with key partners engaged in a variety of R&D activities.

DNDi Latin America
The DNDi Latin America office was opened in 2004. With the primary aim to support regional R&D activities for Chagas disease, malaria, and leishmaniasis, the Latin American office also undertakes advocacy and communications activities to increase neglected diseases awareness in the region.

DNDi South East Asia
Since 2004, the DNDi office in Malaysia has supported a variety of R&D activities across the Asian region, including key preclinical and early clinical studies for the FACT Project, as well as the fostering of the PAN4ND, a regional research platform that focused on the discovery and development of natural substances as therapeutics to neglected diseases. The office is now involved in DNDi’s hepatitis C clinical studies that will take place in the country.