Governed by the Board of Directors with the Scientific Advisory Committee, Audit Committee and Executive Board Committee providing key scientific and management guidance for decision making, the DNDi Executive Team implements the R&D strategy, manages the global portfolio, allocates resources, fundraises, and advocates.

DNDi is based in Geneva with a team of 30 permanent scientific researchers and various professionals. The organization has regional offices in Kenya, India, Brazil, and Malaysia; support offices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Japan; and an affiliate office in the United States of America.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of 10 to 13 members including a patient advocate, with each of six Founding Partners nominating one board member. In principle, Board members serve for a term of four years. The Board of Directors elects the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer among its members… More

Scientific Advisory Commitee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is composed of not less than 5 prominent scientists with expertise in various scientific disciplines relating to drug discovery and development, and/or to the specific reality of neglected diseases and patients. The committee operates independently of the Board of Directors and … More