Electronic data capture, data management, biostatistics & IRT activities to support the conduction of a phase 2 trial in Chagas disease

[Published: 3 February, 2017]
DNDi plans to conduct a phase 2 study to evaluate a new treatment of adult subjects with chronic indeterminate Chagas disease (CD). DNDi is seeking an organization for electronic data capture (EDC), data management services, biostatistics & interactive response technologies (IRT) in support for the conduction of the phase 2 trial.

Strategic Training Program

[Published: 1 December, 2016]
DNDi is seeking an organization that could support its Strategic Training Program, with a transversal and consolidated approach across its offices.

Pharmaceutical development for oxfendazole

[Published: 22 November, 2016]
DNDi is seeking a CDMO offering an integrated platform of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing capabilities to cover drug substance and drug product activities.

Visual identity and branding for GARDP

[Published: 12 October, 2016]
DNDi and the GARDP project team are seeking independent (or small agency) graphic designers and creatives to create a new brand identity, including logo and brand identity guidelines, and design specific marketing collateral.

Data management, biostatistic and monitoring services

[Published: 11 May, 2016]
DNDi would like to conduct an open label phase II/III multicenter, trial to assess the efficacy, safety, tolerance and pharmacokinetics of sofosbuvir plus ravidasvir in HCV (+/- HIV) chronically infected adults with no or compensated cirrhosis in Thailand and Malaysia.

DNDi is looking for a CRO able to perform Data Management, Biostatistic and Monitoring Services.