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DNDi Strategy for VL


Short term
: Better use of existing treatments through geographical extension and new combinations
  • Combination in Africa: Registration of paromomycin in 2010, recommendation of combination including paromomycin + sodium, stibogluconate (SSG), registration of AmBisome® in 2011, registration of miltefosine, development of combination with short-course AmBisome®
  • Combination in India: Recommendation in India, Bangladesh and Nepal by 2011
  • Combination in Latin America: Recommendation in 2013

Medium term: Registration of one new drug through new formulations of existing treatments and therapeutic switching
  • Alternative formulations of amphotericin B – DNDi is evaluating an oral formulation developed by BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI)
  • 8-aminoquinolines – DNDi is in discussion with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) about tafenoquine and sitamaquine for clinical development
  • Potential compounds in-sourced at late preclinical phase – DNDi is actively pursuing potential candidates ready for clinical development in the short term
Long term: New compounds and improved research capacity
  • New drugs developed from compounds identified (i.e. 2-quinolines) in discovery research and progressed through VL lead optimisation consortium
  • Multi-country, multi-partner LEAP to strengthen regional research capacity

By 2014, DNDi aims to deliver from its VL-specific portfolio:
  • 1 new drug registered
  • 1-3 geographical extensions in endemic regions outside India by 2014
  • 1-3 coadministrations recommended by WHO
  • A robust pipeline

Madrid Statement on Visceral Leishmaniasis Therapy (July 15, 2009)

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