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How to help

Urgent Need
Sustainable Funding for Lifesaving Drugs. Drug development is both expensive and risky. Sustainable funding is urgently needed to develop safe and effective medicines for those suffering from deadly neglected diseases.

If you are interested in supporting one short-term project, a part of the portfolio of projects for a specific disease, or the initiative itself, please contact our Head of Fundraising:

Michèle Joanisse
+ 41 (0)22 906 9230

Friends of DNDi
DNDi’s Board of Directors has established Friends of DNDi to recognize select individuals who support DNDi’s mission and vision by engaging global influencers, policymakers and supporters to help DNDi succeed in reaching its objectives.

Scientific Contributions
Join our network of scientists and researchers working to develop new treatments for neglected diseases, please contact our Business Development Director at  

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