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Mother and childEvery day, over 35,000 people die from AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected diseases such as kala azar, Chagas disease, and sleeping sickness. They die needlessly. Huge advances in science and technology have helped reduce the infectious disease burden in developed nations. But for the poor and neglected, the current model of drug development has not brought the hope of new medicines and diagnostics. The only drugs available to them are ineffective, unaffordable, and often toxic.

DNDi works to develop new drugs or new formulations of existing drugs for patients suffering from the most neglected diseases. DNDi’s success depends on the generous support of our donors.

DNDi estimates that EUR 400 million are needed to deliver 11 to 13 new treatments for neglected diseases and create of a strong portfolio with projects throughout the development pipeline. To date, EUR 340 million has been secured.

To develop its activities and achieve its objectives, DNDi seeks different sources of funding from governments and international organisations, Founding Partners who provide ongoing support, private foundations and large donors, and individuals. The “Friends of DNDi,” a group of individuals from around the world committed to DNDi’s vision and mission, give DNDi an additional tool to strengthen and support the fundraising strategy, as well as raising awareness of the need for R&D for neglected diseases.

DNDi is well-positioned to obtain the funds necessary to sufficiently support its mission, vision, and objectives, and to maintain independence.

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