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[August 17, 2012]
Neglected Diseases Forum
Campinas, Brazil
On August 17, 2012, the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) held the Forum "From basic to applied research: the challenges of drugs for neglected diseases."

This forum not only aimed for the university to disseminate and promote ideas, but also, and especially,  encouraged future partnerships between different sectors (academia, organizations such as DNDi, government bodies, and pharmaceutical industries) in:

  • committing for neglected diseases
  • stimulating and sharing scientific knowledge and expertise produced at the University
  • identifying groups with common interests to enable, educate and solidify partnerships in different areas of research, development, production and social care.

The event counted with the participation of DNDi Latin America's Executive Director, Eric Stobbaerts, the Head of the Clinical Program on Leishmaniasis in Latin America, Fabiana Alves and Business Development Director, Jean-Pierre Paccaud.

alt View the forum's preliminary programme

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