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[ December 4, 2010 ]
DNDi Intellectual Property Workshop
December 4, 2010, New Delhi, India

In collaboration with partners from the Program on Global health
and Technology Access of Duke University, DNDi organized a workshop
on intellectual property and open innovation on 4th December 2010 in
New Delhi, India. The workshop gathered around 50 participants including
DNDi partners, representatives of Indian civil society and DNDi staff.

Representatives of ICMR, Indian civil society and academia provided an overview of the trends in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, IP management by ICMR and the challenge of ensuring access to medicines in India and other developing countries under the 2005 India Patent Act. MSF and DNDi representatives provided examples of strategies to ensure both innovation and access, through delinking the cost of R&D from the price of the newly developed products. The last discussion focused on how open source innovation and increased sharing of building blocks of knowledge can facilitate and support  the development of new products for neglected diseases and access to those.

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