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puce Financing & incentives for neglected disease R&D: Opportunities and challenges  [June 2011]
The urgency of providing the necessary health tools to address the global neglected disease burden requires an expeditious and efficient response from all actors. At a time when many new actors, new policy proposals, and new funding initiatives have emerged in the field of health R&D, the WHO Global Strategy on Public Health, Innovation, and Intellectual Property could mark a turning point. Policymakers have the mandate to design a sustainable strategy and plan to empower existing initiatives and design better policies to boost innovation and ensure equitable access to the fruits of this innovation.

puce For Visceral Leishmaniasis, drug supply and cost remain a major barrier to access to treatments  [October 2010]
Although cost-effective treatments are available, most afflicted patients cannot afford them, and strategies including relatively expensive drugs such as AmBisome® are not accessible to most individuals unless governments, manufacturers and donors are willing to subsidize these treatments. Importantly, significant reductions in the price of AmBisome® and miltefosine would also encourage Control Programs and implementers to move towards effective and safe treatments, including AmBisome®-based treatments. Why are we waiting to strengthen our partnerships with manufacturers and further secure continuous supply of these drugs at a preferential price for the public sector? Why are we waiting to treat VL patients?
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