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Become a DNDi Partner

With dozens of partners spanning the globe and crossing various sectors related to neglected diseases and drug development, DNDi is firmly on the way to meeting its objectives. However, drug development is both expensive and risky : additional support from new research partners, from both the public and the private sector, is needed in order to fully deliver the best science for the most neglected.

What are we looking for?

Accessing chemical diversity
• new compound classes with anti-parasitic activities
• “old” compound classes

Harnessing know-how and technologies
• Efficient screening platform (HTS)
• Innovative formulations/administration
• Databases and chemo-informatic tools
• Innovative ADMET tools

Partners for giving access to the drugs
• Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC)
• Manufacturing
• Regulatory
• Distribution

Please contact us at to propose collaborative projects.
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