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LEAP Platform


Founded: 2003 in Khartoum, Sudan

The LEAP platform aims to strengthen clinical research capacity, which is lacking in part due to the remoteness and geographic spread of the patients, most of whom live in the most impoverished regions of Africa. The platform also is a base for ongoing educational cooperation between the countries in the East African region and standardization of procedures and practices within the region, as far as is possible within the confines of local regulations. LEAP evaluates, validates, and registers new treatments that address regional needs for VL. 

  • Approx. 60 individual members, representing over 20 institutions
  • Over 1,300 patients enrolled in clinical trials by the end of 2011
  • Approximately 700-800 patients treated outside clinical trials in 2011
  • 1000 patients on Pharmacovigilance Phase IV study

LEAP Platform Brochure

LEAP Newsletter

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Press Releases

  • Bahir Dar, Ethiopia and Geneva, Switzerland – 1 October 2014. Results of Large-Scale Roll Out of Combination Treatment for Kala-Azar in Eastern Africa Points to Urgency to Treat Disease Victims as Outbreak Surges in South Sudan. Read Press Release
  • Geneva, 22 November 2004. DNDi Clinical Trials for Paromomycin begin in Sudan. Read Press Release


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