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Strengthening Capacity

True to its vision and mission, DNDi works closely with partners in disease-endemic countries to strengthen existing clinical research capacity as well as to build new capacity where necessary. Furthermore, DNDi also aims at transferring technology, in particular manufacturing processes, to industrial partners in endemic regions.

Regional platforms

DNDi helped in setting up and works with 3 regional disease-specific platforms in Africa and Latin America:

 Their mission is to:

  • define patients needs, taking in consideration the local conditions
  • bring together key regional actors in health field, namely representatives of ministries of health, national control programmes, regulatory authorities, academia, civil society groups, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as clinicians and health professionals
  • utilize, capitalize upon, and reinforce clinical capacities in endemic regions, and address infrastructural requirements where necessary
  • provide on-site training in clinical research in sometimes very remote settings

They contribute to increase the chances of registration, uptake, and sustainable access of new treatments.

Technology transfer

For DNDi, the transfer of technology consists of transferring the industrial development knowhow to partners in endemic regionsin order to: 
  • ensure a wide-spread distribution of new treatments
  • maintain competitive prices
  • reinforce the technological and scientific capacities of endemic countries.
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