The 7th KASH Conference

KEMRI Annual Scientific and Health Conference

February 8-10, 2017
Nairobi, Kenya
DNDi participated at the event.

2016 in Review

Our staff, partners, and stakeholders share their highlights from 2016.


DNDi response to the Report of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines

[14 September, 2016]
The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) today welcomes the release of the report of the United Nations Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines. The Panel has clearly confirmed the policy misalignment between intellectual property and trade rules, international human rights obligations, and public health objectives. It has underlined many immediate access challenges and steps that must be taken to overcome them, and highlighted that existing funding and incentive mechanisms are not adequate to stimulate innovation to address global public health needs.

“Towards Ending the Neglect?” DNDi releases update on its Paediatric HIV Programme

[July 2016]

As the International AIDS Conference kicks off in Durban, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) has released an update on its efforts to develop optimal child-adapted antiretroviral formulations. This document details some recent progress towards its final goal of developing “4-in-1” fixed-dose combinations using the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended treat­ment regimen for infants and young chil­dren. DNDi’s update also discusses some promising developments for treatment for children living with both HIV and tuberculosis (TB).

Grandes Tueuses: une série documentaire pour décrypter les enjeux majeurs de santé publique à l’échelle mondiale

[Paris, France – Le 06 juillet 2016]

La Fondation Mérieux, l’Inserm, l’Institut Pasteur, Réseau CANOPE, MSF, Universcience, le DNDi… Les principaux acteurs français de la lutte contre les maladies infectieuses présentent la série et le webdocumentaire Grandes Tueuses, disponibles en ligne dès maintenant. Conçues comme un outil de sensibilisation pour le grand public et les acteurs de terrain, les 70 vidéos décrivent 14 grandes problématiques de santé publique et sont en open data, en libre accès et libre utilisation. En complément, le webdocumentaire est présenté sur le site d’Allô Docteurs.

DNDi, Mundo Sano and Chemo team up to register benznidazole in US and Latin America

[8 June 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]
Plans will boost access to Chagas treatment throughout Americas
In a bid to overturn a situation where less than 1% of people with Chagas disease have access to treatment, non-profit drug development organisation Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), pharmaceutical company Chemo Group and non-profit foundation Mundo Sano are entering into a formal collaboration to boost affordable access to benznidazole, by registering this essential medicine in countries affected by this deadly disease, including the US.
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DNDi, Mundo Sano y Chemo se unen para registrar benznidazol en EE. UU. y Latinoamérica

[8 de junio de 2016, Rio de Janeiro]
Los planes son para ampliar el acceso al tratamiento para la enfermedad de Chagas en las Américas
Con el objetivo de cambiar la actual situación en la que menos del 1 % de las personas que padecen la enfermedad de Chagas tiene acceso al tratamiento, la organización sin ánimo de lucro de desarrollo de medicamentos Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), el Grupo farmacéutico Chemo y la fundación sin ánimo de lucro Mundo Sano (MS) han iniciado una colaboración formal para ampliar el acceso al benznidazol mediante el registro de este medicamento fundamental para los países afectados por esta enfermedad mortal, incluido EE. UU. En el caso de que Grupo Chemo obtenga de la FDA el vale/voucher -Priority Review Voucher (PRV)-, la compañía se compromete a dedicar la mitad de los ingresos a acciones en beneficio de pacientes con Chagas.
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DNDi, Mundo Sano e Chemo se unem para registrar benznidazol nos Estados Unidos e América Latina

[8 de junho de 2016, Rio de Janeiro]
Os planos vão expandir o acesso ao tratamento para doença de Chagas nas Américas
Numa tentativa de reverter uma situação em que menos de 1% das pessoas com doença de Chagas têm acesso ao tratamento, a organização sem fins lucrativos para desenvolvimento de medicamentos DNDi (iniciativa Medicamentos para Doenças Negligenciadas), o laboratório farmacêutico Chemo Group e a fundação filantrópica Mundo Sano estabelecem um acordo formal de colaboração para incrementar o uso do benznidazol. O objetivo é tornar o benznidazol, medicamento essencial no tratamento de Chagas, financeiramente acessível, registrado em países afetados por essa doença fatal, incluindo os Estados Unidos. Se o laboratório Chemo conseguir uma revisão prioritária pelo FDA americano, se compromete a empregar metade da receita a ações que beneficiem pacientes portadores de doença de Chagas.
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Mycetoma is added to WHO List of ‘Neglected Tropical Diseases’

[28 May 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland]
Move helps bring the disease to the attention of governments and funders
During the 69th World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), the devastating infection mycetoma has been added to WHO’s official list of ‘neglected tropical diseases,’ an important step in addressing the suffering of patients afflicted by this disease around the globe. Mycetoma becomes the 18th disease to be included on this list.