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SSG&PM Product Profile - Overview

An Improved Treatment Option for Visceral Leishmaniasis available since 2010!

Main Advantages of SSG&PM
  • SSG&PM has been shown in clinical trials to be as safe and effective as the current standard treatment of SSG alone for 30 days in East Africa.
  • SSG&PM offers a real cost effective option
    • The total drug cost of the SSG&PM combination is lower than the cost of SSG alone (44 vs 56 USD).
    • SSG&PM has a significantly shorter treatment duration than that of the standard treatment (17 days versus 30 days).
    • Reduction of treatment duration means cost savings to both health providers and patients.
    • Reduction of treatment duration is also critical to increasing patient turnover during outbreaks.
  • The combination of SSG&PM has the potential to prolong the life of both drugs.

A Collaborative Partnership

The development of SSG&PM is the result of a collaborative partnership over a period of six years that reflects the benefits of South-South and North-South collaboration in making a new treatment available to patients in need. Partners include

  • DNDi
  • the Leishmaniasis East Africa Platform (LEAP)
  • the National Control Programmes of Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)

Download SSG&PM complete brochure (05/2011) [PDF 500KB]
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  SSG&PM News

Lemarus Tebawani Lukero is a 23 years old Kenyan who has been suffering from VL for 2 years and is treated with SSG&PM. Read his story.

Implementation has commenced in Sudan and South Sudan

PLOS NTDs, June 2012
Sodium Stibogluconate (SSG) & Paramomycin combination compared to SSG for visceral leishmaniasis in East Africa: A randomised controlled trial.

October 2011
During the LEAP meeting in Nairobi, DNDi hold a press conference on SSG&PM launch.

Read Press release
Listen to DNDi Medical Director presenting the treatment
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