Discovery of trypanocidal compounds by whole cell HTS of Trypanosoma brucei

by Mackey ZB, Baca AM, Mallari JP, Apsel B, Shelat A, Hansell EJ, Chiang PK, Wolff B, Guy KR, Williams J, McKerrow JH. Chem Biol Drug Des, May 2006, 67(5):355-63.

Summary: One potentially rapid and cost-effective approach to identifying and developing new trypanocidal drugs would be high throughput-screening of existing drugs already approved for other uses, as well as clinical candidates in late development. A screen was performed in a collection of 2160 FDA approved drugs, bioactive compounds and natural products to identify hits that were cytotoxic to cultured Trypanosoma brucei at a concentration of 1lM or less. From the screen, 35 hits from seven different drug categories were identified.

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