Endemic tropical diseases: comtemporary health problem due to abandoned diseases in the developing world

by Ohta N. Kansenshogaku Zasshi, September 2006, 80(5):469-74. Review.

Summary: There are two kinds of infectious diseases in the world; diseases being paid attention and neglected diseases. The former diseases include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, the latter group include many parasitic, fungal, bacterial and some of viral infections. “Neglected Infectious Diseases”, which have been renamed as Endemic Tropical Diseases by WHO, are endemic in the developing world are not newly appeared diseases, but diseases affecting humans in these decades. However, those diseases were not recognized as serious health problems because of socio-economical and/or scientific reasons. Considering that issues of “Neglected Infectious Diseases” are urgent to be solved and also are challenging for modern medicine and medical sciences, researchers in the developed countries including Japan should make efforts to promote more active researches in this field.

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