Miltefosine: issues to be addressed in the future

by Berman J, Bryceson AD, Croft S, Engel J, Gutteridge W, Karbwang J, Sindermann H, Soto J, Sundar S, Urbina JA. Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 2006 Dec;100 Suppl 1:S41-4. Epub 2006 Jun 5.

Summary: Future issues that need to be addressed for miltefosine are efficacy against non-Indian visceral leishmaniasis, efficacy in HIV-coinfected patients, efficacy against the many forms of cutaneous and mucosal disease, effectiveness under clinical practice conditions, generation of drug resistance and the need to provide a second antileishmanial agent to protect against this disastrous event, and the ability to maintain reproductive contraceptive practices under routine clinical conditions.

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