The challenges of Chagas disease – Grim outlook or glimmer of hope?

by Tarleton RL, Reithinger R, Urbina JA, Kitron U, Gürtler RE. Plos Med, December 2007, 4(12):1852-1857.

Summary: Despite estimates of up to 15 million existing cases and 50,000–200,000 new infections per year, funding for research, prevention, and control has been limited, and therapeutic options remain unsatisfactory. Consequently, several editorials and perspectives have recently drawn attention to Chagas disease and T. cruzi [8–10]. While these papers highlighted the impact of this disease on public health in the Americas, and rightly pointed out that major achievements have been made in its control, they failed to emphasize several key challenges that are currently undermining these achievements and that must be urgently addressed in order to move to the next stage: ensuring the long-term and sustainable control of this devastating disease.

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