Kala-azar outbreak in Libo Kemkem, Ethiopia: Epidemiologic and parasitologic assessment

by Alvar J, Bashaye S, Argaw D, Cruz I, Aparicio P, Kassa A, Orfanos G, Parreno F, Babaniyi O, Gudeta N, Canavate C, Bern C. Am J Trop Med Hyg, August 2007, 77(2):275-82.

Summary: In May 2005, visceral leishmaniasis (VL) was recognized for the first time in Libo Kemkem, Ethiopia. In October 2005, a rapid assessment was conducted using data from 492 patients with VL treated in the district health center and a household survey of 584 residents of four villages. Local transmission resulted from multiple introductions, is now well established, and will be difficult to eradicate.

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