Pre-referral rectal artesunate to prevent death and disability in severe malaria: a placebo-controlled trial

by Gomes M.F, Faiz M.A, Gyapong J.O, Warsame M, Agbenyega T, Babiker A, Baiden F, Yunus E.B, Binka F, Clerk C, Folb P, Hassan R, Hossain M.A, Kimbute O, Kitua A, Krishna S, Makasi C, Mensah N, Mrango Z, Olliaro P, Peto R, Peto T.J, Rahman M.R, Ribeiro I, Samad R, White N.J, for the Study 13 Research Group. The Lancet, December 2008, 373:9663.

Won the “Best Research Paper of the year” award provided by the BMJ

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