The Story of ASAQ: the first antimalarial product development partnership success

by Pécoul B, Sevcsik A-M, Amuasi J, Diap G, Kiechel JRHealth Partnerships Review, Global Forum for Health Research, Geneva, May 2008 : 77-83.

Summary: ASAQ, the new fixed-dose combination of artesunate (AS) and amodiaquine (AQ), is now available to treat malaria throughout sub-Saharan Africa. It is the first drug developed by the FACT (fixed-dose, artemisinin-based combination therapy) partners, and its development can serve as a model for future drug development to treat neglected diseases. The article describes the rationale and the process behind the development; the partners involved in the development, production and promoting availability; and the steps taken in the registration and postregistration phases to ensure that ASAQ reaches the populations who can most benefit from it.

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