Chagas Disease in the Americas: Improving Access and Tools for Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

[October 2, 2009]
Los Angeles, USA


MSF Special Report

Millions of people are infected with Chagas disease and do not know it. They can die in silence, without asking for help, without knowing why. It´s time to act: diagnose and treat now!

One hundred years of neglected patients

This year, 2009, marks the centenary of the discovery by the Brazilian doctor Carlos Chagas of the disease which bears his name. In 1909, Dr. Chagas announced to the world the existence of a new infectious disease. The previous year, he had discovered the parasite which causes it and the vector by which it is transmitted. His triple discovery is considered unique in the history of medicine.

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DNDi Chagas Campaign

Wake Up! Time to Treat Chagas Disease

One hundred years after the discovery of the disease, diagnostics and treatments are inadequate

New diagnostics and treatments are urgently needed

The two drugs currently available to treat Chagas were developed more than 35 years ago, are known to be toxic and have an unsatisfactory cure rate, especially in the chronic phase. In addition, no pediatric formulation is currently available, even though the acute form of the disease primarily afflicts children – and kills 5% of children who are infected. Significant investments in research and development are needed in order to make a difference for Chagas patients in the future.

MSF/DNDi Policy Paper

Chagas Disease: Break the Silence – Time to Treat