DNDi‘s Regulatory Workshop

[June 24, 2009]
Nairobi, Kenya



1. Pharmaceutical registration in Africa – Meeting new challenges
by Javier Guzman on behalf of Mary Moran, George Institute for International Health

2. Comments on the report on Pharmaceutical Regulatory in Africa
by Hiiti B. Sillo, Tanzania Food and Drug Authority

3. European Procedures
by Matthias Dormeyer, expert in European regulatory systems

4. Lessons learnt from the registration of paromomycin in India
by Philippe Desjeux & Louise Johnson, Institute for One World Health

5. Lessons learnt from the registration of ASAQ
by Mireille Cayreyre, sanofi-aventis

6. DNDi needs: future registration of fexinidazole for human African trypanosomiasis and of paromomycin for visceral leishmaniasis in Africa
by Els Torreele & Manica Balasegaram, DNDi