Anti-malarial market and policy surveys in sub-Saharan Africa

by Diap G, Amuasi J, Boakye I, Sevcsik A-M, and Pecoul BMalaria Journal Supplement, BioMed Central, April 2010, 9(1):S1.

Summary: Following the development by DNDi and the FACT partners of the ASAQ fixed-dose combination, according to WHO recommendations (easy to use, affordable, field adapted and non-patented), and despite the fact that ASAQ fixed-dose combination is registered and available in more than 25 African endemic countries and eligible for Global Fund and other international funding, general access to ACTs for patients is still inadequate.

At the recent meeting (Sept 18, 2009) on public and private market and policy survey: ‘Antimalarial market and policy surveys in sub-Saharan Africa’, a validated methodology for these surveys in two countries (Sierra Leone and Burundi) was discussed. Real-life data were presented in a highly interactive brainstorming session among key stakeholders, in a time when market issues for malaria are at the top of the international agendas.

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