31st Conference of the ISCTRC

[September 12-16, 2011]
Bamako, Mali

DNDi attended the 31st Conference of the International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research and Control (ISCTRC) in the session on HAT chemotherapy.


TARRAL Antoine, Head of HAT clinical Program, DNDi
“Fexinidazole a new oral treatment for sleeping sickness– update of development”

TARRAL Antoine, on behalf of DON Robert, Head of HAT Discovery and Preclinical Program, DNDi
“Discovery and optimization of a novel drug candidate for treatment of late-stage human african trypanosomiasis. – SCYX 7158 – “

VALVERDE Olaf, Medical Manager, DNDi
“NECT field phase IIIB trial. Primary efficacy and in-hospital safety results”



STRUB WOURGAFT Nathalie, presented by VALVERDE Olaf
DNDi R&D progress to tackle sleeping sickness”

The HAT Platform: Six years of regional collaborations for sustainable results