Forum 2012: COHRED / Global Forum for Health Research

[April 24-26, 2012]
Cape Town, South Africa

The Council on Health Research and Development Group (The COHRED Group) in collaboration with partners and Governments, launched a new series of Global Forum for Health Research meetings on the theme: ‘Beyond aid…research and innovation as key drivers of health, equity and development’

The Forum examined the prospects for a new vision of development that looks ‘beyond aid’, by focusing on developing capacities in low-and middle-income countries and emerging economies. This engagement also probed how global collaborations can be used to support research and innovation processes that can enhance this new era of development.

Forum 2012 investigated 3 main themes in support of these processes:

  • Improving and increasing investments in research and innovation;
  • Networking and partnerships for research and innovation;
  • Creating enabling environments for research and innovation.

The event acted as a platform for dialogue by bringing together close to 500 participants from research institutions, business, social enterprises, governments, international organisations, funders and media. The Forum brought together the world’s top change makers – from the across the globe – thereby creating an avenue through which they can develop equal partnerships toward effecting positive change for global health.

DNDi participation:

Monique Wasunna, Head, DNDi Africa
KEI-MSF session on the R&D Convention

Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Business Development Director, DNDi
WIPO Re:Search satellite session

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