Sanitary Regulation – challenges in a world without borders: improving cooperation among Drug Regulatory Agencies

[May 18, 2012]
Geneva, Switzerland

DNDi attended this informal meeting organized by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and the WHO, previous to the World Health Assembly.

This meeting brought together representatives of approximately 30 regulatory agencies from countries in the five continents such as Australia, Argentina, Portugal, United States, France, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, and Cape Verde, among others and civil organization representatives, such as Médecins Sans Frontières and UN structure units. They discussed whether it is possible to identify a common form of cooperation among drug regulatory agencies from several nations.

This international seminar is a response from governments and health authorities of countries that are now facing an increasing amount of situations demanding common solutions in the mission of protecting human health and guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of products and services.

The meeting’s objective is to explore new forms of interaction, enhancing information exchange, experience sharing, and the development of joint activities to create greater synergy in the world health regulation.


alt Download the presentation of Nathalie Strub Wourgaft, DNDi Medical Director:
“Challenges to ensure the safety of products in a globalized world: A Product Development Partnership perspective