Best Science for the most neglected: Where do we stand 10 years on?

[December 4 – 5, 2013]
DNDi Ten Year Anniversary Event
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France



PLOS logoIn 2013, PLoS and DNDi celebrated their 10th Anniversaries: a decade of Open Access publishing and a decade of research and development for drugs for neglected diseases. During the last 10 years, PLoS journals have published numerous articles on this topic, many of which were authored by DNDi researchers.

This Collection showcases some of the most important papers published on R&D of drugs for neglected tropical diseases over the last decade – including papers from PLoS Medicine, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases and PLoS ONE – and show the myriad aspects of the work of DNDi and PLoS, from advocacy, innovation, drug research and distribution and, particularly, the importance of publishing such content in Open Access journals.

For further information about this Collection, please watch the Collection announcement at the Institut Pasteur here.

PLoS DNDi Collection: