Lionel Messi

Chagas Disease
Barcelona, Spain
and Rosario, Argentina

The world’s number one soccer player, Lionel Messi, who plays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team, having seen a documentary by Ricardo Preve on Al Jazeera, ‘Chagas, A Silent Killer’, speaks out about Chagas disease. The soccer star calls for teamwork in the field of Chagas disease to treat patients and find altogether new treatments.


“Chagas is a silent disease. Millions of children and adults suffer from it and in many cases, they die. To combat Chagas disease, we need more resources and more medicines. But we also need to raise awareness, as does the documentary by Ricardo Preve. In my life, I fight a lot to realize my dreams. As a soccer player, I know that teamwork, with ambition, brings results. Now is the time to join forces to fight against Chagas.”


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‘Chagas, A Silent Killer’ – A film by Ricardo Preve in ‘Witness’ programme, on Al Jazeera

Ricardo Preve, Argentinian filmmaker and activist, documents Chagas disease in rural Argentina. He follows the work of a group of dedicated doctors and nurses who go out into the ‘Impenetrable’ forest to find and treat Chagas patients, many of whom are kids. The reality of the disease, and how its adult victims slowly succumb to the internal damage caused by it, is disturbing and moving. Learn more on the film here

Lionel Messi, the world’s most famous soccer player who comes from Argentina, knows Chagas disease very well and decides to speak out about the disease and the need for a good team to combat the disease. (see links above)