X Workshop on Chagas Disease

[March 6, 2014]
Health Policies and Recent Advances in Chagas Disease
Barcelona, Spain

Between 8-10 million people live with Chagas disease in Latin America and about 500,000 in Europe and North America. Despite recent advances in vectorial control, many public health challenges remain unadressed: the care and appropriate treatment to those affected, as it is estimated that less than 1% of them receive it. Blood bank control and the control of vertical transmission are other challenges that health systems are confronting. How can we deliver more for the affected people?

The X edition of the Chagas Workshop gathered international experts on the disease to address these and other questions. The event was presented by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health, ISGlobal, in collaboration with partners.

DNDi presented results from the E1224 study, the first double blind placebo controlled trial in adult Chagas disease.

  • The Results of the E1224 Study: Efficacy of Pro-Ravuconazole and Benznidazole
    Faustino Torrico, Universidad Mayor de San Simón (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
    Isabela Ribeiro, DNDi (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)


More information: ISGlobal website
Programme: X Workshop on Chagas Disease Programme
The Chagas Coalition met the following day, 7 March 2014.