From famine to feast: The transformation of the ACT malaria treatment landscape since 2004

by Aspinall A, Diap G, Jagoe G, Kiechel JR, Poll E. Africa Health 2014, ISSN 0141-9536 – Vol. 36(6) (September 2014), pp. 29-31.

Summary: The paper describes the dramatic increase in the availability and diversification of treatment options , the advantages of ACTs and their use in global treatment strategies, and how to prolong their effectiveness. Almost 10 years ago, African countries began a major transformation of malaria treatment protocols in favour of ACTs, turning away from failed treatment regimens based on SP and chloroquine. Since then, ACTs have contributed enormously  by providing fast and effective cures for uncomplicated malaria, with over 1.5 billion treatments distributed.

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