Strengthening neglected tropical disease research through enhancing research-site capacity: An evaluation of a novel web application to facilitate research collaborations

by Furtado T, Franzen S, van Loggerenberg F, Carn G, Grahek S, McBride M, Power M, O’Reilly J, Savarese B, Snowden MA, Stevens G, Uys A, Lang T. PLOS NTDs 2014, doi:10.1371/journal.pntd. 0003225.

Summary: This manuscript describes the development and early stage evaluation of a free on-line tool known as Site-Finder by the Global Health Network, in collaboration with a working group of 13 members including the and Melinda Gates Global Health Clinical Consortium, a collaboration of product development partnerships (PDPs) working in various areas of neglected tropical diseases and diseases of poverty research. Adapting technology from dating websites the application allows research sites to have an online presence and automatically suggests research collaborations between research sites and new research studies that have been posted on the site. Because it is situated within the infrastructure of the Global Health Network, Site-Finder also allows sites to build their skills and knowledge by accessing the information and peer support that is abundant on the Network.

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