GHIT Fund invests $4 million into Takeda and DNDi partnership to develop new visceral leishmaniasis drug

The Japanese Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) has invested $4 million in a partnership between Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and DNDi. The partnership is developing a new drug for visceral leishmaniasis based on a promising new series of aminopyrazoles.

DNDi and Takeda will work on the “lead optimization” of the aminopyrazole series. Lead optimization identifies and further develops the best compounds in a series with the aim of finding a single strong candidate compound for a new drug.

With this investment, GHIT is adding visceral leishmaniasis to its disease portfolio. The GHIT Fund has also announced the inclusion of four additional Japanese companies in its screening platform, investment in diagnostics for schistosomiasis, and advancing clinical candidates in its malaria pipeline.

Read the press release by the GHIT Fund