Novel 3-nitrotriazole-based amides and carbinols as bifunctional antichagasic agents

by Papadopoulou MV, Bloomer WD, Lepesheva GI, Rosenzweig HS, Kaiser M, Aguilera-Venegas B, Wilkinson SR, Chatelain E, Ioset JR. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2015, doi:10.1021/jm5015742.

Summary: This article describes the synthesis and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of novel 3-nitrotriazole-based amides and carbinols as anti-Chagas agents. Such compounds are bi-functional and, as combination treatments against parasites are often superior to monotherapy, they may mark the beginning of a new generation of drugs against trypanosomal parasite infections.

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