A comprehensive review of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kerman Province, southeastern Iran – Narrative review article

by Sharifi I, Aflatoonian MR, Fekri AR, Hakimi Parizi M, Aghaei Afshar A, Khosravi A, Sharifi F, Aflatoonian B, Khamesipour A, Dowlati Y, Modabber F, Nadim A. Iran J Public Health, Vol. 44, No.3, Mar 2015, pp.299-307

Summary: Cutaneous leishmaniasis remains a serious public health concern in Kerman Province, eastern Iran. Focusing mainly on studies published over the past 26 years, this study aimed to conduct a comprehensive review and highlight various aspects of CL in the province of Kerman. Recent rises in CL disease due to increases in incidence rate, expansion of the disease to new foci, and the presence of various risk factors in the province, show that control measures and health strategies should be prioritised to help treat existing cases and prevent the expansion of the disease to new areas.

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