4th Joint Scientific Meeting HAT Platform – EANETT

September 20-22, 2016
Conakry, Guinea

The 4th Joint Scientific Meeting HAT Platform – EANETT is taking place on September 20-22. Topics are based on the elimination of human African trypanosomiasis.

Antoine Tarral, Head of HAT Clinical Program, DNDi, Christelle Perdieu, Clinical Project Manager, DNDi and Olaf Valverde, Medical Manager, DNDi, presented at the event.



Phase I data for SCYX-7158 – a single dose cure for HAT
Antoine Tarral, DNDi
An open-label, multicentre clinical trial Phase IIIb study to assess the use of fexinidazole in outpatients and special population groups
Christelle Perdieu
, DNDi
Clinical trials for anti-trypanosomal drug development impact on efforts towards disease elimination
Olaf Valverde
, DNDi