GHIT R&D Forum

December 8, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

GHIT has facilitated international product development partnerships between Japanese and non-Japanese entities with the goal of leveraging Japan’s unique capabilities and innovations to accelerate global health innovation. The forum’s aim is to create opportunities for GHIT’s development partners to share project overviews, R&D progress to date, and lessons learned.

DNDi presented at the event on the NTD Drug Discovery Booster, Chagas disease, and mycetoma.



Activating the Power of Japan’s Unique Chemical Compounds for Neglected Diseases Screening/HTLP Projects

The NTD Drug Discovery Booster: an innovative collaboration for hit expansion
Charles Mowbray, Discovery Director, DNDi


Propelling R&D for Late-Stage Candidates

Clinical Development of E1224 “A New Treatment for Chagas Disease” & “Mycetoma Treatment, Fosravuconazole Clinical Trial”
Daisuke Imoto, Head of Regional Office, DNDi Japan



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