Estimación de la demanda de medicamentos antichagásicos: Una contribución para el acceso en América Latina (Estimating demand for anti-Chagas drugs: a contribution for access in Latin America)

by Costa Chaves G, Abi-Saab Arrieche M, Rode J, Mechali D, Ouverney Reis P, Alves RV, Stobbaerts E, Girón Aguilar N, Ribeiro I. Pan American Journal of Public Health, 2017;41:e45.

Summary: This paper describes a tool which was developed to estimate demand for benznidazole and nifurtimox to treat Chagas disease, and reports on its implementation in a group of Latin American countries. The tool was adapted by representatives of the control pro­grams in order to plan drug procurement for 2012 and 2013. Further analysis of the obtained data showed that it is possible to provide benznidazole to less than 1% of people for whom treatment is indicated. The authors conclude that the development and systematic use of demand management tools can play a key role in helping to provide access to the anti-Chagas drugs, and that there is a significant gap between the projected demand for drugs and current estimates of pre­valence rates.

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