IFN-g, IL-2, IP-10, and MIG as biomarkers of exposure to leishmania spp., and of cure in human visceral leishmaniasis

by Ibarra-Meneses AV, Ghosh P, Hossain P, Chowdhury R, Mondal D, Alvar J, Moreno J and Carrillo E. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2017, doi: 10.3389/fcimb.2017.00200.

Summary: New biomarkers are needed for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment for visceral leishmaniasis. They might also improve the detection of the asymptomatic population in Leishmania-endemic areas. This paper examines four potential biomarkers – IL-2, IFN-g, IFN-g-induced protein 10 (IP-10), and monokine-induced-by-IFN-g (MIG) – from asymptomatic individuals and patients treated for VL living in a post-outbreak (Leishmania infantum) area in Spain, and in an endemic (Leishmania donovani) area of Bangladesh. Determining IP-10, MIG, and IFN-g levels proved useful in monitoring the cellular immune response following treatment for active disease caused by L. infantum.

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