ASTMH 2018

67th Annual Meeting

28 October – 1 November 2018 
New Orleans, USA

The 67th American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) annual meeting is designed for researchers, professors, government and public health officials, military personnel, travel clinic physicians, practicing physicians in tropical medicine, students and all health care providers working in the fields of tropical medicine, hygiene and global health. 



From R&D to access for sleeping sickness elimination: Innovative public-private partnerships for new tools

Co-organized by Sanofi and DNDi

Date: Monday, 29 October 2018
Time: 19:15-21:00

Chairs: Victor Kande Betu Kumeso, Ministry of Health, DRC & Luc Kuykens, Senior Vice President Global Health Programs, Sanofi, France

An alternative model for drug development: The story of fexinidazole
Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft, NTD Director, DNDi, Geneva

Working in partnership for sleeping sickness elimination: Using new technologies
Eric Mwamba Miaka, Director National HAT Programme, DRC

Finding every last case: The role of diagnostics in HAT elimination
Veerle Lejon, Research Director, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France

Roll-out of all-oral treatment: Introducing a donation programme for sleeping sickness
Luc Kuykens, Senior Vice President Global Health Programs, Sanofi, France

Striving towards HAT elimination in South Sudan: An operational perspective

Laurence Flevaud, Operational Center Barcelona-Athens, MSF

Monitoring HAT elimination: Plans for validation
Gerardo Priotto, Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO, Switzerland


Overcoming challenges in screening and diagnosis of Chagas disease

Date: Tuesday 30 October 2018
Time: 13:45-15:30

Co-chairs: Sergio Sosa Estani, Head of Chagas Clinical Programme, DNDi Latin America & Colin ForsythChagas Epidemiologist, DNDi North America

Differing responses to CD immunoassays: T. cruzi genetic diversity vs. host immune response
Claudia Herrera, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

Latest developments in biomarkers research
Eric ChatelainHead of Drug Discovery Programme, DNDi, Switzerland

Community-Based screening of Chagas disease in the USA: Boston’s Strong Hearts Program
Julia Koehler, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA

Implementation of a simplified diagnostic algorithm in an endemic area of Colombia.
Colin Forsyth, Chagas Epidemiologist, DNDi North America


Oral presentations

Date: Sunday, 28 October 2018 & Monday, 29 October 2018
Time: 10:00-15:00 / 8:30-8:45

The burden of skin disease and eye disease due to onchocerciasis in Africa for 2015 and 2025
Vinkeles Melchers NVS, Stolk WA, Remme JHF, Murdoch ME, Pedrique B, Bakker R, de Vlas SJ, Coffeng LE 


Date: Monday, 29 October 2018
Time: 15:00-15:15

Novel 3-Dimensional Optical Scanning in the assessment of patients with mycetoma
Siddig E, Liberton N, van Eijnatten M, te Slaa S, Faroog A, Fahal AH, Wolff J, Zijlstra EE


Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Time: 8:15-8:30

Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic assessment of the safety of fexinidazole for the treatment of human African trypanosomiasis
Watson J, Strub-Wourgraft N, Tarral A, Tarning J, White NJ


Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Time: 9:30-9:45

Modeling and simulations of fexinidazole treatment regiment for human African trypanosomia brucei gambiense trypanosomiasis (g-HAT) and their successful clinical application in adult and child patients
Gualano V, Felices M, Tarral A


Date: Thursday, 1 November 2018
Time: 10:30-10:45

Oxfendazole treatment has a macrofilaricidal efficacy against the filarial nematode Litomosoides sigmodontisin vivo and inhibits Onchocerca gutturosa adult worm motility in vitro
Hübner MP, Martin C, Specht S, Koschel M, Dubben B, Frohberger SJ, Ehrens A, Fendler M, Struever D, Vallarino-Lhermitte N, Gokooi S, Townson S, Hoerauf A, Scandale I


Poster presentations

Date: Monday, 29 October 2018
Time: 12:00-13:45

The Chagas disease study landscape: preliminary results of a systematic review of clinical and observational studies to assess the feasibility of establishing an individual participant-level data (IPD) platform
Maguire BJ, Guérin PJ, Chatelain E, Sosa Estani S, Barreira F

A single-center, first-in-human, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study to investigate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of escalating single doses of emodepside (BAY44-4400) in healthy male subjects
Gillon JYA, van den Berg F, Dequatre Cheeseman K, Hopchet N, Delhomme S, Peña Rossi C, Monnot F, Strub-Wourgaft N, Rodriguez ML, Don R.

Capacity Building Platform for clinical and operational research on human African trypanosomiasis
Mbo F, Valverde O


Date: Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Time: 12:00-13:45

Prioritizing pathogens to support diagnostic product development for febrile illness management: a novel yet pragmatic approach
Roddy P, Osborn J, Roberts T, Guillen E, Bernal O, Ongarello S, Sprecher A, Page AL, Ribeiro I, Piriou E, Tamrat A, de la Tour R, Rao B, Flevaud L, Jensen T, McIver L, Kelly C, Dittrich S

Evaluation of point-of-care tests for visceral leishmaniasis diagnosis in Kenya
Mbuchi M, Ndung’u JM, Wasunna M, Osuna F, Magiri CG, Muia A, Kioko P, Bakari M, Mwathe F, Ronoh R, Abner E, Chirchir M, Njenga S, Kirigi G, Kimutai R, Cruz I



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