Outcome of E1224/benznidazole combination treatment upon infection with multi-drug resistant Trypanosoma cruzi strain in mice

by Diniz LDF, Mazzeti AL, Caldas IS, Ribeiro I, Bahia MT. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2018, doi: 10.1128/AAC.00401-18.

Summary: Combination therapy has been proposed as an alternative therapeutic approach for the treatment of Chagas disease. In this study, the effect of treatment with benznidazole combined with E1224 was evaluated in an experimental murine model of acute infection. E1224 and benznidazole monotherapies were effective in suppressing parasitemia, but did not induce parasitological cure in a multi-drug-resistant T. cruzi strain, Colombian. Early treatment using optimal doses of E1224/benznidazole induced a 100% cure rate, but this association could not eliminate a well-established infection. The results of this study demonstrate a positive interaction between E1224/benznidazole against murine T. cruzi infection using a multi-drug resistant strain and highlight the importance of a stringent experimental model in the evaluation of new therapies.

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