An international qualitative study exploring patients’ experiences of cutaneous leishmaniasis: Study set-up and protocol

by Erber AC, Arana B, Bennis I, Salah AB, Boukthir A, del Mar Castro Noriega M, Cissé M, Cota GF, Handjani F, Kebede MG, Lang T, López Carvajal L, Marsh K, Martinez Medina D, Plugge E, Olliaro P. BMJ Open 2018, 8:e021372. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-021372

Summary: Outcomes affecting patients’ quality of life are hardly assessed in trials for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL), despite potential functional and/or aesthetic impairment, which typically affects disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in rural areas. The authors describe an approach that aims to bring CL patient perspectives into designing and assessing treatments. The authors describe the set-up of this collaborative study and the protocol, which includes study design, preparation, conduct and analysis of individual interviews with approximately 80 patients in seven countries where CL is prevalent. Patient recruitment aims at covering a maximum variation of experiences. Transcripts will be analysed to identify outcomes and eligibility criteria and additional topics that are expected to emerge from the interviews.

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