XV Chagas disease workshop – ISGlobal

14 March 2019
Barcelona, Spain

  • Fabiana Barreira, Chagas Senior Clinical Manager – presentation on the results of the BENDITA study
  • Isabela Ribeiro, Head of Dynamic Portfolio Unit – presentation on the results of the fexinidazole clinical trials for Chagas disease

4th National Hepatitis Conference 2019

7-8 March 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • François Bompart, Director of Paediatric HIV/HCV Programmes – panel discussion on collaborative R&D model for hepatitis C
  • Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer, Head of Clinical Development Paediatric HIV/HCV Programmes – presentation of the HCV STORM Stage 1 results

ISNTD Festival 2019

11-12 March 2019
London, United Kingdom

  • Submission of the film “A doctor’s dream” to the ISNTD Festival Awards