AFD Research Paper: DNDi, a distinctive illustration of commons in the area of public health

1 February 2019

A new research paper recently published by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) examines how DNDi, a distinctive Product Development Partnership (PDP), can illustrate what can be presented as a “commons” in the area of public health. 

The paper explores:

  • the emergence of PDPs and the relevance of the commons approach
  • DNDi’s promotion of collaborative platforms and open innovation
  • DNDi’s innovative intellectual property rights policy
  • DNDi’s governance, partnership, and funding mechanisms
  • the implications of DNDi’s shift from “neglected diseases” to “neglected people”



  • Philippe Abecassis, CEPN/Université Paris 13
  • Benjamin Coriat, CEPN/Université Paris 13
  • Nathalie Coutinet, CEPN/Université Paris 13
  • Jean-François Alesandrini, DNDi
  • Stéphanie Leyronas, AFD


Click here to read the research paper / PDF