ICASA 2019

2-7 December 2019
Kigali, Rwanda

ICASA 2019 is the 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa.


Satellite symposium

From guidelines to reality: Accelerating access to optimal treatment for children with HIV

Entre directives et réalité: Accélérer l’accès à un traitement adapté pour les enfants vivant avec le VIH

Organized by DNDi, Sidaction, MSF

Date: Monday, 2 December 2019
Time: 08:30 – 10:30
Venue: Joel Nana (AD10)

The number of children acquiring HIV is decreasing but not rapidly enough. The 160,000 new infections in children in 2019 falls short of the Global Start Free, Stay Free and AIDS Free target of 40,000. The progress of antiretroviral treatment coverage in children is also lagging behind, at 54% and falls short of 95% target set for 2018. The situation is much worse in Western and Central Africa where HIV prevalence is low and treatment coverage in children is around 26%, mainly because they do not know their HIV status and have not been tested.

This satellite session will attempt to present the current implementation and progress in sub-Saharan African countries, discuss the specific challenges for treating children in different settings, and  present some best practices with regards to care and treatment. It is a unique satellite where we aim to share experiences between East, South, West and Central Africa.

The satellite is bilingual satellite (English and French) with translation provided.


Co-chairs: François Bompart, Director of HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative, DNDi and Tatiana AMEGNRAN, Young Ambassador of Growing Up Network

Current state of the treatment and care for children living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Guidelines to reality: the complexity of preventing and treating paediatric HIV in 12 countries
Jessica Burry, HIV/HCV Pharmacist, MSF Access Campaign

A survey on access to Paediatric ART and Virological Testing in 11 West and Central African countries.
Réjane Zio, Director of Health of Mothers and Children, Sidaction

Panel Discussion: Challenges of treating children and how to do better?

Moderator: Helen Bygrave, Chronic Disease Advisor, MSF Access Campaign


  • Cordelia Katureebe, National Coordinator for HIV Care and Treatment, Ministry of Health, Uganda
  • Adaman Ouedraogo, Coordinator of Association of People Living with HIV, REGIPIV Burkina Faso
  • Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer, Head of Clinical Development, HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative, DNDi

Overcoming the barriers – what can be done to accelerate access to optimised paediatric formulations?

Community led treatment and virological monitoring of children living with HIV: ANSS experience
Francine Karemera, Medical Head of OPP-ERA project, Burundi

What it takes to accelerating the availability of optimised paediatric HIV formulation for children
Janice Lee, Senior Access Manager, DNDi


François Bompart, Director of HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative, DNDi and Tatiana AMEGNRAN, Young Ambassador of Growing Up Network

Closing remarks

Robert Matiru, Director of Programme Division, Unitaid



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