PAGE 2019 Meeting

11-14 June 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

The Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE) represents a community with a shared interest in data analysis using the population approach.



Exploring variability in paromomycin pharmacokinetics in East African visceral leishmaniasis patients
Verrest L, Wasunna M, Kokwaro G, Aman R, Musa A, Hailu A, Alves F, Dorlo TDC

A pooled analysis of abacavir pharmacokinetics in HIV-infected African children: the effect of age, malnutrition, and common concomitant co-medications
Tikiso T, McIlleron H, Rabie H, Lee J, Archary M, Hennig S, Cotton M, Lallemant M, Gibb D, Burger D, Denti P


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